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If only this were available when I was helping my mom! The Care Detective Team's knowledge is top-notch!

Shanna C. • Bend, OR

My grandmother's in the thick of a messy situation, and in 20 minutes Kirsti helped me find a clear path.

Kaitlin B. • Seatlle, WA

Kirsti Hegg, September 18, 2018

Hi, I'm Kirsti.

Have you ever Googled things like “bedridden mom just lost her husband, what do we do?” or “how to care for mom who doesn’t have much money” or “cheap diabetic meal solutions for mom who can’t cook” etc etc? 

I have. 

And guess what the results were? 

Nothing useful. Nada. Zip. 

This is the mess I ran into when my mother-in-law’s beloved husband and caregiver died. 

Most websites are filled with 832 articles about various aspects of aging and the solutions that may (or may not) be suitable for you, but it’s entirely up to YOU to dig through these articles to find something (anything!) that fits your needs. 

The point is, searching on the internet is great when you know what you’re looking for. But if you don’t already know what the possibilities are, it’s an exhausting waste of time. 

I started wishing for a “reverse Google search” - where Google would ask ME questions about my situation and then automatically feed me articles that had solutions for my long-term care worries. 

So that’s what we created!

It’s like getting a magazine each week, but instead of the editors deciding what articles to write, you get only articles that address topics you wish you knew more about. 

It’s like magic! 

While your neighbor’s version of the magazine one week might include creative ways to fund an in-home caregiver, your version might focus on ways to help your parents age safely at home.

Each person’s magazine is custom to their concerns and needs. 

And it’s free!

To get started, just take this easy 3-minute quiz so we can learn what topics are most useful to you. 

When you get your first issue, check out the articles in it. At the end of each article, we’ll ask you to give it a quick rating so we can learn if it was helpful to you. 

With each review, we get a better idea of what you want, and can make your next magazine edition even more focused on your needs and questions.

So take the quiz now, and get your custom Care Detective Magazine delivered straight to your Inbox every week!

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"All of the suggestions are so sound, and inspiring...Thank you for your effort into this caregiver world." 

Jan, Belle Plaine IA

"It is a real relief to get that [home health care] started….I really appreciate your support. " 

Donna, Dallas GA

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this free? What’s the catch?

Care Detective's mission is to make planning for aging and long-term care as simple and straightforward as possible for you. The Care Detective Magazine is our newest product and we want to find out if it solves these kinds of problems for you. The best way to get people to try it out is to make it free, right? We can't guarantee that it will always be free, so get started now while it is! No credit card required.

What if my my situation is super complicated?

In nearly every situation you'll find the answers you need in the Care Detective Magazine. However, if you need one-on-one support (or just want it), we do offer private consultations at a reasonable hourly rate. Just ask.

What do you do with my answers and information?

We only use your answers to create your custom magazine. We don't share your data or information with anyone else.